For our client Mr. Special Supermarkets we developed a campaign which was conceptualized based on the Old West due to the peculiarities of our client. The western area of Puerto Rico is known as the territory of the Indians and Cowboys and our client Mr. Special is well known because most of its supermarkets are located in the West of the Island. Thus our campaign with the little old lady that represents in a cartoon-like manner how a client from the Old West would purchase at Mr. Special.


Mr. Special

For Blue Bunny Ice Cream we have developed a promotion entitled "Save your them and Blue Bunny will trade them". This is one of the contest that has become the favourite of children, since it assigns a value to the labels of the products that they consume and in turn, teaches them the economic value of items. Furthermore, this contest maintains an expectation in the child that wishes to win one of the prizes - a backpack, a belly bag, a wallet, even a sports watch for children among others.

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Blue Bunny
With King’s Crown, your hands don’t get spotted with the plantain stain, and you can still enjoy those delicious Puerto Rican meals we love so much.
King's Crown